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Water Marble Black & Neon Nail Art 2014

Hey is so I had a little bit have extra time this weekend and decided to redo. My pad to start fresh got a patch on this ring finger as both this index finger and I think probably pretty hard to see on camera but they're both grown out pretty close to the tip now. If it wasn't water marble March. I'd probably just come down but since it is I didn't want to lose anyway Inc and then of course about the two patches on my Thomes soul even with that extra layer tell the patch is registered in to get a little bit Warren soul also that'll Airtel on this middle finger in these two fingers to help with some peeling. But were actually finally getting some warm weather. So maybe this cold dry winter is almost over and hopefully that will start to reflect in my email Health too.
But that's this week's update stay tuned for the water marble. So today we're going to be working on this black and neon water marble. This is a lot more random other design than I usually do but random design is something. I actually got a lot to requests for and with this particular combination. I just thought it worked really well all the colors that I'm using with the exception of the clear are from or early. I'm I think they might even be part of the same class action although I don't member. The name in the collection the clear his Sally Hansen Xtreme wear invincible.

Neon yellow is or early you glowstick the pink is poorly beach cruiser. The blue is or early skinny dip and the reason that I decided marble these with the clear as you can see with the clear there's actually had quite a bit no bleeding between the colors. With this design I kinda like the way that turn out. So that's why I went with the clear instead of black. i actually show you the difference arm into my tests watchers. when I finished actual water marble soul. You can see even the rules are not very even but I'm just gonna go ahead and draw through some panels from one side to the other can see even as a draw through that it doesn't poll completely evenly and since that's what. I'm going for it doesn't really bother me I'm just going to draw through their until I have and good amount a pattern.

Got my nails prepped with liquid vinyl just going to just include list just. A little bit wine my three fingers up in there as best as I can and then go ahead and dip into the cup with my or in stickam gonna clean up. Any remaining excess polish on the surface. So that that person stick on demand as I am and then. I'm going to school early polo an there's the water marble. So like I mentioned a for this. I was particularly going for a more uneven design and can see here in these couple tests waters should you mean here a little bit arm. This one was done with black and you can see that the pedals are a lot more even there's not to the bleeding between the colors whereas this test swatch was done with the clear in the marble on top of a black. Gives in effect much more like what I ended up for manicure. So just goes to show even when you've decided on your colors things aren't necessarily always straightforward. So let me know what you guys think of this design. Read More