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The Joy of Lip Sugar

In protecting your skin, your face, your body, there is sometimes a part that is left unaddressed and this is the lip. Yes, this part of the face needs some tender loving care too and it does require a tiny bit of effort.
You can take good care of your lips with a simple weekly routine of exfoliation. All you need is some pure coconut oil, some honey, and some brown sugar. Take a tablespoon of firm coconut oil, mix with same amount of honey until a paste is formed then take two packed teaspoons of brown sugar and mix it into the paste. Store in a clean jar and keep for around two weeks in the fridge. This scrub will assure you of soft lips and done at low costs and naturally. Read More

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History of Makeup

When makeup came to existence, it was first considered to have a dangerous use and effect. Primarily the idea was caused by the fact that it is made up of chemicals that may be harmful at times and these are Lead, Sulfur, and Mercury. Makeup, back then, was used by women without the consent of the men more specifically fathers and husbands and due to numerous people who seem to contradict the use of the makeup, women somewhat feared. This fear actually led them to just settle on pinching their cheeks and lips to give some color. It was in 1920 that the use of makeup widened in a sense that women were given the opportunity to learn more about makeup, its new trends, and even on how to apply it. From then on, women were into its usage since makeup was believed to be safer made and more to this, they were given more choices. Read More

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Most common makeups and its uses

There may be numerous makeup brands that appear to vary on quality but nonetheless, what is presented by one brand is almost the same as that of the other. The most common makeups are the concealers, face powder, eye makeup, blush, and lipstick. Concealers are used to cover unwanted features and imperfections on the face. These are used to somewhat give one’s face that even tone. Face powder is used to give that fresh appearance. Eye makeups include the eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and others. These makeups are used to enhance the eyes making it look bigger or smaller. Usually, eyes are made up in accordance to the outfit and brings the totally of a person’s look. Blush, on the other hand, is used to give color on the cheek more specifically, rosy cheeks. Lastly, lipsticks are applied to give color to one’s lips. There are varying colors that are patterned on one’s outfit and even to how fit is that color to one’s features. Read More

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Long-term effects of Makeup

Makeup enthusiasts at times don’t consider the negative effects that go with the excessive usage of makeup. It is a fact that its usage leads one to looking her best in an occasion or looking fresh regularly but it is also a fact that there are harmful effects that are neglected. Users are unaware of the fact that the too much makeup can negatively affect one’s skin and worse, one’s health. Parabens and athletes are two commonly found chemicals in makeup that could actually lead to side effects such as that of the development of cancer. This alone gives its users this reminder; a reminder that it is normal to have that desire of being beautiful but it is a must that one knows the limit behind this desire. Not all things that make one beautiful are safe. With this, the aim of looking good always goes with certain precautions that one should not take for granted. Read More