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7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips Without A Surgery

How To Get Fuller Lips Without Surgery Using Only Makeup (1)
The sexiest part of every woman’s face is her lips. It has the power to attract—that is one fact I am sure you’ll agree with! But not everyone is blessed with fuller lips. Love to have luscious fuller lips? Thin lips are not fancied by anyone but what do people with thin lips do? It is really not possible for most of us with thin lips to go under the needle, is it? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to get a surgery done for those dream lips! Yes, our best friend makeup can tweak any look with simple tips and tricks. Don’t believe me? Well, follow me along this tutorial and be ready to be surprised—this is what you need for those amazing fuller lips!Ready? You better be! Because today, you will learn how to make your weakest feature turn into something gorgeous! That is to get fuller lips naturally without any surgery. How to get fuller lips with makeup?  Here is a step by step procedure on how to make lips fuller.

Step 1:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips Without A Surgery – Makeup Tutorial With Images
Apply a good dose of your favorite lip balm to prepare and pamper your lips before starting with makeup. If you have very dry and chapped lips, then I highly recommend you to use a lip scrub before applying the lip balm. Lip scrub will remove the chapped and dry flakes from your lips and leave it smooth. Here, I used my favorite lip balm from Nivea in pomegranate fruit flavor.
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Step 2:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips Without A Surgery – Makeup Tutorial With Images (2)
Then, apply a light pink lip pencil all over your lips to even out your lips. Lip pencil can be of matte or slightly satin finish. Here, I used the Faces Canada lip pencil in Pink to line my lips.

Step 3:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips
Then, use a tissue paper and blot your lips to take away any the excess moisture left by the lip balm. Apply a nude or white colored eye pencil in the center of your lips. Draw it gently and do not drag your delicate lip area with the pencil. Here, I used the Oriflame Nude pencil. If you do not have a white or nude eye pencil, then you could also use a concealer for this step as it will work closely to the eye pencil.
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Step 4:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (2)
Apply a transparent or a nude lip gloss to the center of your lips. Then, using your fingers or a lip brush, start blending all the products applied. Here, I used the Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss in Touch of Toffee. Blend the nude eye pencil with the lip liner slowly.

Step 5:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (3)
Apply a soft pink lipstick to the outer corners of your lips. You could use a lip brush as it will help in neat and precise application of the product. Here, I used the Inglot lipstick refill in the shade 33.

Step 6:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (4)
Then, apply a light concealer and outline your lips as shown in the image. This step will bring out the shape of your lips and  make your lips fuller and bigger in appearance. Here, I used the Kryolan Derma Camouflage concealer.
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Step 7:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (5)
Apply the same nude or transparent lip gloss again to the center of your lips. Then, apply a shimmery loose pigment only to the center of your lower lips. This step is optional if you are looking for a subtle plump effect. Here, I used Inglot eyeshadow refill in the shade number 11.
And there you have it—lips that look full and healthy. Wasn’t that easy? See how makeup can transform the way you look? So, what is keeping you from embracing makeup in all its glory? Go ahead, make friends with makeup. Believe me, you will never find a better friend! A friend who boosts your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself—that’s the thing that makes for a good relation. I just wish human relations were that easy!
So, be beautiful always!
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Stunning Red And Black Eye Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial With Image

Wish to try something bold and vibrant? Have you ever tried red for your eyes? ‘When in doubt, wear red’ is a classic statement for lips. But can we pull off the daring red for our eyes too? Why not? Let’s try something challenging! Red is an intense color for the eyes and when paired with black, it can turn into a striking combination. Wish to learn a bold eye makeup using red and black? This will be an awesome eye makeup for red and black dress too.Then, let’s begin the tutorial!

Step 1:

Red and Black Eye Makeup Look
Start by applying an eye primer to prevent creasing and budging of the eyeshadow. Then, draw an outer wing at the outermost corner of the eye to create an illusion of a line connecting the lower lash line to the brow bone area. Use a creamy kajal for this step as it will help in easy blending and smudging of the kajal later. Here, I used the Lotus Herbals Creamy Kajal in Black. It is best to use a cellotape as a guide for this makeup, as it will help in creating a strong wing and will keep the makeup within the eye area.
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Step 2:

Red and Black Eye Makeup Look (2)
Then, use a smudge brush or a pencil type brush to softly blend the kajal inwards towards the eye area. Use gentle strokes and do not pull your eye area. Here, I used the Colorbar smudge brush for this step. Then, set the creamy kajal smudged with a matte black eyeshadow to prevent the creasing of the eyeshadow. Here I used the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow.

Step 3:

Red and Black Eye Makeup Look (3)
Pick a bright and vibrant red eyeshadow of your choice, which could be in a satin, matte or shimmer finish. As I wanted the eye makeup to be slightly soft, I used a matte red eyeshadow. Start by applying the eyeshadow all over your eye lid area in small patting motions. Do not sweep the color away as it will fade and decrease the color intensity. Pack the color all over your eye lid restricting the eyeshadow within the crease area of the eye lid. Here, I used the Claire Eyeshadow in 0504.

Step 4:

Red and Black Eye Makeup Look (4)
Apply a medium brown eyeshadow in matte formula to the crease area of the eyes. This step is important in the whole eye makeup look as it will help in creating a soft transition of colors from black to brown, thereby giving a soft smokey look to the eye makeup. Here, I used the Elf Day on the Beacheyeshadow palette for the medium matte brown eyeshadow.

Step 5:

Red and Black Eye Makeup Look (5)
Take a fluffy blending brush and blend away all the applied eyeshadows softly. Here, I used the tapered Oriflame blending brush. Use short circular motions to fade the eyeshadows slowly to get a soft smokey look devoid of any harsh edges or lines.

Step 6:

Red and Black Eye Makeup Look (6)
Now take the same matte black eyeshadow used in the earlier step and apply it over the outer corner of the eye and also the crease area to define the eyes better. Here, I again used the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow. If blending has resulted in fading of the red eyeshadow, you can once again pat the eyeshadow to the centre of the eye lid to make it appear vibrant and brighter.
Red and Black Eye Makeup Look (7)
Then, line your eyes thick or thin depending on your preferences. As I wanted to create a dramatic look, I applied a thick line and winged it out. Here, I used the Kryolan black liquid eye liner.

Step 7:

Red and Black Eye Makeup Look (8)
Then, apply the same black and red eye makeup using eye shadows used earlier to the lower lash line of your eyes. This will offer a balanced look to your eye makeup. Then, line your waterline with your favorite kajal to define the eyes better. Here, I used the Lotus Herbals Kajal in Black. Then, apply the required amount of mascara to complete the eye makeup look.
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Amazing Hand Painted Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps

Most of us girls like to sport easy to do floral designs on the nails. When the topic of hand painting comes, floral patterns are some of the most common designs that you will see on nails. Floral designs are not difficult to draw and can be sported everyday as well as during special occasions. So let us see how we can draw a sparkling floral design!

Things Required:

  • Basecoat (optional)
  • White nail polish
  • A pink nail polish of your choice
  • A magenta nail polish
  • A silver nail polish
  • A sponge
  • Acrylic paints in white, purple, black and blue
  • A glitter polish
  • A transparent top coat

Step 1:

hand painted nail art  one Use a base coat to protect your nails from the acrylic colours and chipping. Now use a layer of white nail polish. This will make the base more opaque. Base coat gives extra strength to your nails. So, if your nails are prone to chipping or breaking, you should never miss out on a good quality base coat.

Step 2: 

hand painted nail art two When the white nail polish is dried, use one or two coats of pink nail polish. Let it dry completely before moving on to next step.

Step 3:

hand painted nail art three After the pink nail polish has dried properly, take magenta nail polish on a palette. Use the piece of sponge to sponge up the magenta nail polish all over the tip, extending a bit towards the centre of the nail. It should look something like Ombre nail. Now let it sit for about 2 minutes. Now take the silver nail polish on a palette and use a fresh piece of sponge to sponge up the silver all over the nails. It should look something like the picture below. If there is any stray nail polish, clean it up with a piece of cotton bud dipped in polish remover.

Step 4:

hand painted nail art four Now take glitter polish and give a nice layer of glitter all over the nails. Let this dry completely before moving on to painting your nails. Once the nails are ready to be painted, take white nail polish on a palette and your thin nail art brush. Use this to draw up flowers like I have shown below. Paint up the demarcations of the petals. It should look something like the picture below.

Step 5:

hand painted nail art five Now take black acrylic paint on a palette and your thin nail art brush. Use this to make some branches with buds on the tiny finger and some more branches on the empty spaces of the other fingers. Use this to give outline for the flowers and the petals. Refer the picture below for more clarity.

Step 6:

hand painted nail art six Now give a few inner demarcations for the flowers at their centre. Use purple and blue color for this. It’s simple really! Take a look at the picture below and you’ll understand what you need to do better.

Step 7:

hand painted nail art seven Now take a few loose sequins or you can collect some sequins from your glitter polish and with the help of a toothpick place them at the centre of the flowers. Feeling excited about your nail art yet?

Step 8:

hand painted nail art eight Give a nice layer of top coat when the whole design has dried properly. Since the painting is done with acrylic paints, the colors may bleed if they are not properly dried. So make sure that the whole design has been given at least 10 to 15 minutes standing time before transparent polish is applied on it. Your design is now ready to flaunt!
Hope you enjoyed this beautiful design. This is not difficult to do but it is a bit time consuming. So if you have some free time in your hand then do give this design a try. You can wear this with your floral outfits and also with your summer floral print dresses.
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10 Stunning Rhinestone Nail Art Designs To Try Out

We girls like some bling factors in our lives—diamonds, after all, are a girl’s best friend. Nowadays, nail art has become so popular that every day we come across some new nail trends that are floating around in the fashion world. But when it comes to dazzling nail design, which one catches everybody’s eye? Well, we girls are ever ready to learn something new!

Top 10 Rhinestone Nail Art Designs:

Here are presented some of our favorite designs and quick tips to achieve these nail looks and make a statement—after all every girl likes to dazzle and shine. Here’s a list of our top 10 designs for nails incorporating different type of stones:

1. Diamond Shaped Rhinestone Nail Art:

Diamond Shaped Rhinestone Nail Art 
Via Source
Oh my God! This nail design is absolutely gorgeous. It includes half nail silver glitter gradient and different sizes of round rhinestones on each nail. Then on the accent nails it has a large diamond shaped glitter outlined by small silver beads. They actually look like diamonds. Just stunning!

2. Gradient Rhinestone Nail Art:

Gradient Rhinestone Nail Art 
Via Source
This is such a simple design and could be achieved by using different colored rhinestones. Apply the rhinestones to their color to create a gradient effect. They sure are eye-catching.

3. Pink Bow And Rhinestone Nail Art:

Pink Bow And Rhinestone Nail Art 
Via Source
This nail art design is super girly. It can be achieved by making pink colored French tips and below that, applying rhinestones of various sizes. On the accent nails, there is a pink bow to make the design party appropriate.

4. Quilted Nail Design With Rhinestones:

Quilted Nail Design With Rhinestones 
Via Source
This is such a fun design to wear on your nails. This look can be achieved by making a quilted pattern on the nail using a striper nail art brush or using some striping tape or scotch tape cut into thin pieces. After the quilted pattern is achieved, apply rhinestones wherever you feel like.

5. Spring Flower Nail Art With Rhinestones:

Spring Flower Nail Art With Rhinestones 
via Source
This is a bright nail design with flowers perfect for spring and summers. This look can be achieved by making some bright colored French tips and some flowers, either painted freehand or using some flower shaped nail stickers. To compliment the look there are rhinestones of the corresponding color.

6. Rainbow Rhinestone Nail Art:

Rainbow Rhinestone Nail Art 
via Source
I just love everything glittery and this design is like a glitter bomb on the nails! For the accent rainbow rhinestone nails, just apply different colored rhinestones in the shape of a rainbow and on the other nails apply the glitter of your choice.

7. Flower Shaped Rhinestone Nail Art:

Flower Shaped Rhinestone Nail Art 
Via Source
This nail look is clean and simple. To achieve the above look, just apply a sheer pink polish on all your nails and then apply the flower shaped rhinestones wherever you want to place them. I am so in love with this design!

8. Rhinestone French Tip Nail Art:

Rhinestone French Tip Nail Art 
Via Source
This is a super easy nail art look to achieve. All you need is some clear polish or nail glue and different sizes of clear rhinestones. Make a French tip by placing different sized rhinestones on your nail until you are happy with the look.

9. Acrylic Flowers With Rhinestones:

Acrylic Flowers With Rhinestones 
Via Source
This is also a pretty nail art look, which can be achieved by using some readymade acrylic flowers and rhinestones complimenting the colors of the flowers. In case you do not have acrylic flowers, then place some fimo cane flowers.

10. Studded Lady Bug Nail Art:

Studded Lady Bug Nail Art 
Via Source
This is a glamorous take on the simple lady bug nail design. To achieve this look make a black tip on you nail and then a black stripe going down the middle of your nail. Make 2 white spots for the eyes of the lady bug and then add some nail studs for the spots of the lady bug.
Hope you liked all the designs. Try them and be ready to dazzle the world!
Do you like nail art? Which is your favorite nail art design? Do share with us in the comments section.
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