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Acrylic Nails Tips For Short Bitten Nails

So I get asked a lot in the salon, how do you deal with a short bitten nail client or a very short broken nail client? So I'm going to show you my preference on how I would deal with them. This nail has already been filed and it has already had its prep and prime, so we are ready to start. Now if we were to place a tip on this nail, you would only cover that amount of the nail up and you are only left with a very small area to place your acrylic on.
That's not ideal, because it's not going to give you enough strength. Remembering your tip in only a platform. So what I actually do is I extend the nail bed as it is now and I place my form underneath the extended nail bed. So picking up your cover pink, remember to drain all of the liquid out of the back of that bead. Turn your brush around, place it on in the reverse method. Drain the liquid from the brush. And then extend your client's nail bed. Smoothing the acrylic out down toward the cuticle area, and then pressing it with the belly of your brush in the normal direction. Your next bead of cover pink don't take the liquid out, so that it blends into your client's natural nail and also into the bead that you have already applied. You then need to let that set. So do that on all 10 fingers and then come back.

That nail has now set but because we can't work on this smile line from this side, as we have built that nail up, we do need to file that free edge and make sure that smile line is nice and even. You also need to make sure that the acrylic you have just applied is not touching the skin. So if you just press gently at the end of that finger it will make sure it is nice and released. So we are going to remove the dust and then we can apply our form. That will fit just nicely under the new nail you have created with your cover pink. Then we can go straight on to doing our white. Still take the liquid out of the white so it stays nice and bright.You have already created that smile line with your cover pink, so there is no need to panic too much when you are doing your French.

I'm still not going to allow this client to have it too long, because there is still a break under there, so keep it nice and short. Keep pressing up those side walls just check that none of your white has came over your cover pink Then we can cap that whole nail, and leave it for a minute before it is ready to pinch. If your client is going to have a problem with this nail and it is going to break because she might be a little rough with it, ideally and most probably it is going to break where you have attached the new white piece. So she will still have that protection on her natural nail. So you are just testing to see if that stickiness has gone before you place your pinching tool on.
All it is really going to pinch is the white, because the cover pink underneath is already set. Leave that on there for a few minutes. You can take your pinching tool off now. Take your form off. Make sure you go down with that form, and then this nail is ready for filing. So again, keeping it nice and short for your client. Especially if it is a bitten nail client. Don't put anything too long on them. Let them get used to that tinny little bit of length first. They still want to be normal thickness. No need for them to be any thicker than you would do your normal nails. So then you can get rid of your dust, and apply your gel top coat. Into the lamp for 2 minutes. So just finish off with a little bit of cuticle oil. And massage it in. Don't forget to retail your cuticle oil, especially to your bitten nail clients so that nail can grow out nice and fast. Read More