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7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips Without A Surgery

How To Get Fuller Lips Without Surgery Using Only Makeup (1)
The sexiest part of every woman’s face is her lips. It has the power to attract—that is one fact I am sure you’ll agree with! But not everyone is blessed with fuller lips. Love to have luscious fuller lips? Thin lips are not fancied by anyone but what do people with thin lips do? It is really not possible for most of us with thin lips to go under the needle, is it? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to get a surgery done for those dream lips! Yes, our best friend makeup can tweak any look with simple tips and tricks. Don’t believe me? Well, follow me along this tutorial and be ready to be surprised—this is what you need for those amazing fuller lips!Ready? You better be! Because today, you will learn how to make your weakest feature turn into something gorgeous! That is to get fuller lips naturally without any surgery. How to get fuller lips with makeup?  Here is a step by step procedure on how to make lips fuller.

Step 1:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips Without A Surgery – Makeup Tutorial With Images
Apply a good dose of your favorite lip balm to prepare and pamper your lips before starting with makeup. If you have very dry and chapped lips, then I highly recommend you to use a lip scrub before applying the lip balm. Lip scrub will remove the chapped and dry flakes from your lips and leave it smooth. Here, I used my favorite lip balm from Nivea in pomegranate fruit flavor.
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Step 2:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips Without A Surgery – Makeup Tutorial With Images (2)
Then, apply a light pink lip pencil all over your lips to even out your lips. Lip pencil can be of matte or slightly satin finish. Here, I used the Faces Canada lip pencil in Pink to line my lips.

Step 3:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips
Then, use a tissue paper and blot your lips to take away any the excess moisture left by the lip balm. Apply a nude or white colored eye pencil in the center of your lips. Draw it gently and do not drag your delicate lip area with the pencil. Here, I used the Oriflame Nude pencil. If you do not have a white or nude eye pencil, then you could also use a concealer for this step as it will work closely to the eye pencil.
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Step 4:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (2)
Apply a transparent or a nude lip gloss to the center of your lips. Then, using your fingers or a lip brush, start blending all the products applied. Here, I used the Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss in Touch of Toffee. Blend the nude eye pencil with the lip liner slowly.

Step 5:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (3)
Apply a soft pink lipstick to the outer corners of your lips. You could use a lip brush as it will help in neat and precise application of the product. Here, I used the Inglot lipstick refill in the shade 33.

Step 6:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (4)
Then, apply a light concealer and outline your lips as shown in the image. This step will bring out the shape of your lips and  make your lips fuller and bigger in appearance. Here, I used the Kryolan Derma Camouflage concealer.
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Step 7:

7 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips (5)
Apply the same nude or transparent lip gloss again to the center of your lips. Then, apply a shimmery loose pigment only to the center of your lower lips. This step is optional if you are looking for a subtle plump effect. Here, I used Inglot eyeshadow refill in the shade number 11.
And there you have it—lips that look full and healthy. Wasn’t that easy? See how makeup can transform the way you look? So, what is keeping you from embracing makeup in all its glory? Go ahead, make friends with makeup. Believe me, you will never find a better friend! A friend who boosts your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself—that’s the thing that makes for a good relation. I just wish human relations were that easy!
So, be beautiful always!
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