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If You Boil Coke What Happened After This

Today I've got this Baba leading. So I'm not doing shit now babe carbonated and bears to meet men tasty now specially. When you keep your loan wanna this higher but let take how much sugar option. In this thing its estetica fire good times you know home amount that you know but what is it actually how much. It is that a lot this is not much home I'm going up while this thing out and see was actually gonna happen because when you pull out the water nothing asked days after you boil it out but if this stage Bucher sugar. Actually we'll see how much sugar is left over in 10 this well let's get to it then we're going to open 10 this all should I shouldn't have shaped and is up but all.
I would like that and put in there just wanna this gonna wait till it although and see what happens as you can see I'm starting to get boiled. We're gonna have to wait field also so gonna wait a while slowly Boylan out. So hopefully pulls out some music in fear so much down the like to go through a lot you earlier bulletproof you wanna sold the way home world. So this is so much should go home one little bottle of Florida you know that mean it's unfair Luca mode Luca blockers it gonna be should go to an all blue other chemicals and stuff but so every time a you think a little bit of soda.

You pretty much you all but Shugo and all to stop whatever inside over. So I put it away from the resisted up sugar look at this it's beyond but this is so much co-op is just form1 little can much in so next time you wanna doing so under think on that media and you know this is how much are sugar. All that kind of stuff do you actually think every time you doing Wong little bottle like but of soda but imagine if you think to lead a bottle. Well why a margin ledges boil it then see how much John is gonna be in there up so each. But I'll have 500 no way does sought to over most other militants in 1000 new videos easily you know. So we've got for this is best to lead us as you can see full love this. Now we're gonna wait till it blows out and see how much Shugo gonna help left with the kids.
You can't see it have been Boyle out a lot and missed you have to wait another day then one minute. We'll see what happens okay we're going to mix it up a new clean not buoyant so viewed because through goal the no gonna give it a little bit no gonna get even darker.
You see how much is smoking because sold the show goes billion and you see how much you go these look let go more for food should but live you know this is why you gotta be careful this is. What happens when your most who Shugo most how much his yeah look how much trooper. The cemetery's yet posted going through very so this is how much sugar left all our in a so that the Lincoln to lead our so that doing so doing fifty the have a bunch of shoe gonna so if you boil it you see how much burned-out sugar leftover. It's a lot and if you doing kid that every day to lead us it through a bad for you so that's a cool experimenter so next time you actually know how much Shugo you gonna doing. So it's for you to decide you know you wanna drink it and you don't care or doing or not think it. Because it's more help yeah I've got it pretty much and let me know would detain comment below and as always don't forget to subscribe to my second channel mixing  description. I'll see you next time begin to make it catch a bus won't pop whole year should open see how was it comes amid. I use it well I got put too much that much should dude open it up them into the ground you. Read More