Posted on 22:12

Your Best Skin Care 101

You always wish you have the skin like the Hollywood celebrities you see in movies today, but you are not certain on where to start? No need to worry. We’ll help you give the best possible solution. Listed below are some of the basic steps you can do to make a healthier and happier skin. Follow this guideline and I am pretty sure that soon, you’ll be on your way to a healthy, glowing skin like a celebrities.
A simple daily skin care regimen can absolutely keep your skin more youthful and healthy. Here’s how you can do it:
1. Cleanse your face to remove dirt, oil and make- up. Do it every morning and night.
2. Use toner, it can help tighten your skin and clean deep inside pores.
3. Use medicated astringent if necessary (depending on your skin condition)
4. Regardless if you have dry or oily, it is important that you get the lost moisture back into your skin. For dry skin, a superfluous moisturizing is what your skin need while oily skin requires light moisturizing.
5. Protect/Sunscreen. Never leave your house without a protection from harmful sun rays. There are sunscreen protection products than can be a combination of moisturizer too; you may want to consider buying such products.
6. Scrubbing plays important role in making your skin glowing. It can help you get rid of all the dead skin cells and make your skin looking fresh and dewy. You can use face mask or exfoliator for scrubbing.
Last but not the least, is to give yourself a regular facial, at least once a month. It can be done at home but it is much ideal to go to a expert. A facial treatment from an expert can guarantee you to have a better deep cleansing suitable for your skin type and provide you much better result. Read More