Posted on 04:17

New 2014 Serengeti Sunglasses

Serengeti Sunglasses earned Getty. We're not just concerned with what's in front of the eye were intensely focused on the eye. Itself from filtering harmful rays to improving the ability to adapt to conditions like the open road. We're committed to creating the best possible view the world around you. We not only pioneered photometric technology.
We also engineering 10 everyone's we made photometric lenses contain thousands of tiny molecules that dark in the lines in bright light and lighten the Lansing overcast light. So no matter where you are conditions will never be too bright forty dark be incredible versatility photometric technology. His bill 22 every Syrian getting lands serried Getty lenses. Don't just protect your eyes from it. They also enhance the light that passes through them.
So you can see colors at their very best spectral control works look at this work equalizer by selectively removing the light wavelengths that cause color alteration. The result is a richer more colorful and more enhanced view of the world around you and just like our photometric technology every cell in getting lands have spectral control built ins glare is everywhere bouncing off the road water windshields and more are popularization technology eliminates glare. I acting like a microscopic indecent lines parallel light rays can enter want distracting perpendicular raise from Claire are blocked the result is a glare free unique experience with unsurpassed comfort selling any sunglasses are available in polarize or non polarize styles. At seven Getty work constantly finding new ways to plan form and function. The latest example that is found in the innovative signature hands beautifully crafted copper beryllium the signature hinge set a new standard in searing Getty craftsmanship. Ins components are created by lost wax casting.
A five thousand-year-old method hand craftsmanship used to create intricate works up to renard. The result is a look at sleep streamlined and truly unmistakable. It's just one little example have what it takes to make the world's finest driving sunglasses deep.

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