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Colorful Eyelashes Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial With Images

Summer is at its peak—this is the time when we all look for brighter and vibrant ideas to look fresh and fun. Don’t we? Summers really make one look dull and worn out. The heat along with humidity is enough to draw the life out of our skin. That is why we need to work extra hard to look beautiful during these hot summer months. Can makeup help? It sure can! With the right steps, makeup can work wonders!When it comes to looking unique and fresh, how can we forget our eyes? How about painting your eyelashes with some bright and vibrant colors? Yes, why not? That is just what you need to pep up your look on a hot day. Today, we bring to you an amazing fun makeup trick to paint your eye lashes with color, easily at home with a liquid eye liner.

Required Things For The Colorful Eyelashes Makeup Tutorial:

What do you need for this fun look? Nothing too expensive or out of your reach—take a look inside your makeup stash and you’ll find almost all you need for this look.
  • Colored Liquid Liner — check for intense pigment intensity and color payoff.
  • Light Gold Eyeshadow.
  • Eyeshadow Brush (optional) — you can use your fingers to apply eyeshadow as well.

Colorful Eyelashes Makeup Tutorial:

Are you ready for some makeup fun?

Step 1:

Pick a good concealer and apply it under your eye area to highlight your eyes. Here, I used the Kryolan Derma Camouflage Concealer. Then, use a translucent or tinted compact powder to set the concealer, which will prevent creasing and melting of the product. Here, I used the Lakme Face Stylist compact. Then, apply a light golden shimmery eyeshadow all over your eye lid area with the help of fingers or brush. Pat and blend the eyeshadows softly to get a natural finish. Here, I used the Lakme eyeshadow palette in Tanjore Rush for the gold eyeshadow.

Step 2:

Take a fluffy blending brush and sweep it over the crease area to get an even and smooth finish. Then, curl your eyelashes to add a voluminous effect to it. Here, I used the Faces Canada eyelash curler to curl eye lashes.

Step 3:

Pick 2 or 3 colored eye liners of your choice. Here, I used a pastel turquoise, cobalt blue and a purplish blue eye liner. Then, start painting one lash at a time gently with the liquid liner. Always remember to work from the root to the tip of the eyelashes to get an even look. It is best to paint both the sides of the eye lashes, so that when you blink or bat your eyelashes, it will look neat and uniform all around. You can paint the eyelashes according to your preferences. I wanted only smaller intervals between the pastel green and blue colored eye liners. Then, I started playing with the blue colored eye liner randomly to create a fun and brighter look.

Step 4:

Paint all the eyelashes and let them dry before moving to the lower lash line. As soon as the eyelashes are painted it might look clumsy and stuck together because of the slightly heavy eye liner formulations but you needn’t worry as when it dries off, it looks neat and even. If your eyelashes turn slightly stiffer after drying, just use a clean cotton swab to push it upwards, just like curling with a curler.

Step 5:

Paint the lower lashes the same way to complete the makeup look. If you have any remains of the eye liner stuck to your eyeshadow, use clean cotton swabs to remove it gently and you are done.
Wasn’t it a fun and fresh makeup look to try this summer? Do try this simple yet stunning trick and beat the heat!
Do you try something special to look good during summers? Do share your tips with us in the comments section below.
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