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Easy And Simple Flowers Nails Art

Easy And Simple Flowers Nails ArtHi this is Robin Moses and I'm here with Gatorade I started out wat Gatorade finally yeah I started out with I French painter that I made myself in here up in playlist black by went wild and lightweight with went wild and they're doing Robert Moses smash so on this black one and get it do dots I me use my dotting tool our stylists freeh and cash crop. Okay don't have it already I was all ready for you guys K and then here we go dotting with white and this is gonna be just black in white design that smashed at and really cute and not reading green berger as madness not all crazy for and hiring neutral I and yet still.

(Easy And Simple Flowers Nails Art)

What is this still elementary that me and it looks like a celebration radioactive it's posted it's curly it's fine what is it not crystal right that's all we can do right now just a day that's all we care about so.
This this is this is gonna be a little black and white daisy design Karan and I'm just going to black and white likes so you can do dot daisies. I'm pulling and extending my daisies out a little bit but if you did not disease that would be really super cute black way black and I have no particular order. I don't have one more than the other one I missed a shot now then on this one use my an my not my stripper heels are so tiny I can use the minor to do the line be but what I still take my liner dot my myspace n Turner finger to make the line and that's why do it and do not use my minor to make the line cell yen with black can make only two tiny.
Daisy in the center for okay there with my dining 20 stylists down moon down and you can use your your lighting brash. You like I just wanna say re big Gatorade snails or so long that it may mean that mean both the best laxity mean to it what happened thought messing up. I'm and that's a fact you missed like the cop didn't hear you have to yeah. She was a couple and then you know it's really hard to get back in my book in the same space in everything and and it was the holidays and oh my crash and she came and 18 the hands. It was funny I think I integrate tell I can't believe will be the next great two weeks ago. When I did got the letter stating fantastically yeah give me an opportunity to use all in this amazing wisdom yeah chile now also I had to finally use it myself. I know it was great a great job considering I haven't done my own males in five years time to really like it's only like 10 Instagram.
It me think it counted I'm it could have been worse that spurs are you you I you did the and ever stand with the rodney was the other on Instagram so. I got it made not right at the right time to think sometimes they don't see them in sometimes. I do and I'm nice Iran time and I'm like oh my goodness thank you I good job Gator air. Yeah crazy world there are okay so there's that and than this one it's a white dot back am and I miss me go in and do that opposite colored dots for Egypt that other different flowers the risk rollback. Then this is the finished and okay and then look at on this one I'm I did happen white and then have black and then on this one.

I'm gonna go with them dotting tool and it really is up to you how elaborate you wanna do I am I mean you can't you can do just a few dodging over da time you know doesn't matter I just think. This is really super cute and I really like the black and white. Okay cell I will meet work okay and we're back with the finished product that the black and white Moses mash mash it makes up whatever it's called and their is up close these are all simple and party gets started make it like you have to think it up and they want to think it out it goes really easily and I hope this helps you anyways please spread the word like this article and show me and I will see you back with more everyone have a wonderful day why.
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