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Easy Eye Shadow, Mixing Techniques, Basic

This article is a beginner's guide to eye makeup from using primers picking brushes choosing eye shadows application methods and fun tips and tricks. Let's start with primer primer helps our chest last longer and prevent. The oils from creasing up our shadows where he could use your concealer our foundation as a base and Senate with a little bit a powder to keep it lasting longer kinda the old-fashioned way ashes. Come in different textures tones and shades to commit kinda confusing. But you really only need three to four shades to create basic look firstly highlighter.
Which should be at least one shade lighter than your skin you can also use your facial highlighter. Which is a great way to bring your look together one mapped Midtown. This will help to blend out your my makeup softly try using unmatched from sorry. He can't find one and a contour shade they should be at least two to three shades darker. Than your skin tone and this will add shape and shadow you can also have and Matt black eye shadow. Which can be used in time to different ways scrub brushes. I like to have three to four or two in my case because they're double-ended first the plattsburg for applying eye shadows And pigments.

When you're using this brush glided over the shadow a poor Press likely to pick it up. A small smudge your brush for detailed work. But this is optional most importantly and blending brush this is soft and fluffy. When using this lightly debt the tip of the brush in the shadow and finally my favorite go to brush this is kinda flat the base. But plans right at the tip. If you pick up too much tap off. The excess never blow on your brushes it a nineteen staff writer in a corner the lead this is where we want the concentration at the product to be. And you can then blended across the lead here's a fun trick dampened tipping.

Your brush don't sell K and brush up any access and then pick up a little bit a product don't worry. It won't ruin your eye shadow apply as normal but I'm focusing on the inner corner you can see how really shimmers and shined truly. Fun take the flat brush again and a little highlighter and Pappas. Underneath the arch your brows I don't like it to be too shimmery side. Gently wipe to remove any excess. Next take your fluffy blending brush a new Midtown keep your eyes open for this blend. Above the crease starting the after corner I'm working words this time. If you aren't sure where to stop lending place you brush me at you who knows and up towards the edge. Where I to create an imaginary line everything below this needs to be kept clear to blend your eye shadows inwards to this point. Nextel is contouring remember to keep the shadow at the very tip of the brush and start from the outer corner and blend into the crease. On the outer half the time your mate tone is always higher than your condor. So it's important not to plant this up too high. Go back in with your clean Midtown blending brush to soften the edges. But you shouldn't need to reapply for underneath the eye and when he's at same flat brush. Just gonna wipe it clean take a mixture of the Midtown and the condor I'm gonna sweep.
This underneath my eye right and that out to corner to meet that highlight. You can also join mister outer edge to DAC unlock I'm gonna take a little bit that black with the same brush. And apply it on the outer edge keep it as close to the lash line is possible then sweep it slightly underneath to match. Complete this up by curl your eyelashes and adding some mascara. When using this Tara a big mistake we all can make is by pumping it this only pushes air inside and causes it to dry up quicker apply mister right. At the roots and legal out towards. The tip give you always end up with a star on your skin news a miscarriage shield or a piece a card soon. You'll be adding things like liner and mash is deeply in love it all just takes practice have fun. Read More