Posted on 05:32

3D Nail Art Tips 2014 How To Remove?

Hello everyone I decided to show you how I didn't 3 easy art from my nails. Because I was asked a few times about it. I am NOT saying that this is the right way or anything like that it's just a way. I do it first you want to take wanted to cotton patch. Cut them and 210 pieces which picture nails. After that do you want to cut some tin foil also into 10 pieces. The next step is to soak a cotton pad P-fifty into nail polish remover place a couple Pat peace on each nail and Rec Dept with tinfoil anon. I'm will take F signal like shown and removed at 10 file with a little pressure the nail chain only stake on the nail polish. You can't see my natural nails were not damaged at all the last step s2 in of two remaining like nail polish I'm home the fact that way is to remove canal chain first and then to nail polish again as you can keep the chain. West not speaking on my natural nails so distant not that much. My nails I'm someone ask me if it hurts to remove to change. It really does not hurt however I recommend to do the first method especially. Read More