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5 Signs Of Makeup Addiction You Should Be Aware Of

Makeup Addiction
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Waking up at 3.30 am to put on makeup and then going back to sleep. Never removing makeup before everyone around is asleep. Sounds like fiction, right? But this is reality! This is no fictional character I am talking about. This was a friend, a dear friend. She spent years following this seemingly insane routine, until one morning, when she couldn’t wake up on time. When her husband woke up, he was shocked to find himself sleeping beside another woman. Yes, he couldn’t recognize her without her makeup!
Makeup addiction is a reality. People may scoff at it but those who suffer from it can tell you how bad it can get. Makeup addiction can creep upon anyone, irrespective of the age and time. While cosmetics do help you look beautiful, wearing it all the time can have disastrous effects.

5 Signs Of Makeup Addiction:

Are you a makeup addict? Can you imagine yourself in a condition without makeup? Check out these 5 tell-tale signs that you are a makeup junkie:1. Non-Stop Collection of Cosmetics:Be warned! If you are hoarding up on cosmetics, then you are addicted to them. You may have a vast stash with you, but that won’t stop you from adding more to your collection. Okay, you can throw away your old collection and then build up a new one. There is no reason why you should still cling on to the old one, which is outdated and even worse, have overrun their expiry dates.

2. Same Color, Countless Numbers:

Check your vanity case. Shocked to find 15 lipsticks of similar shades? 25 red lipsticks, 15 mauve eye shadows, 10 beige bronzers, and not to forget the similar shades of CC and BB creams from all the available brands! Come on, you are not a makeup professional who needs all these at the same time. These are visible symptoms of your addiction!
The solution: cut down the numbers. You can keep 2 or a maximum of 3 variants. Not more than that. Throw away all those shades that you haven’t touched in recent times.

3. Ending up at the Cosmetic Aisle Anywhere and Everywhere:

Are you finding yourself amidst the world of cosmetics, irrespective of whatever you are doing? Be it the countless tutorials on the web or your favorite books or even the supermarket – if you find yourself lost in the makeup world, then it is high time you become conscious! Let them just be the aids to enhance your beauty. Don’t allow them to consume your world or they will ruin your life.

4. Spending Overzealously on Cosmetics:

Mrs. X was a very thrifty woman, with a budget allocated for every other thing. However, her beauty consciousness overtook her budget and she started spending what she allocated even for groceries and other stuffs on her makeup. If you are also like her, then you are under the makeup fever. The only way to end this is to realize the fact. Plan accordingly. Allocate a small amount each month and then try to buy makeup products within that budget.

5. Spending too Much Time Getting Ready:

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Best Carmex Lip Balms – Our Top 10 Picks

We girls never get bored of lip balms and we can’t imagine our lips without a dash of color. But that doesn’t mean we can apply any lip balm! It is very important for us to choose the best lip balms for our soft and sensitive lips. Carmex lip balms are one of the most popular balms around the world. With a huge customer base, this brand ensures that each one of its lip balms are top notch. If you are looking to buy a Carmex Lip Balm but are confused about which one to buy, this list is for you! Check out these top 10 Carmex lip balms, compiled just for you!

Top 10 Carmex Lip Balms:

1. Carmex Lip Moisturizing Tube Original Balm:

carmex lip moisturizing tube original balmThis wonderful Carmex moisturizing lip balm adds natural emollients to your lips while protecting them from getting chapped and cracked. It also acts as a barrier to protect your lips from the harsh effects of heat, cold and wind. Original Balm gives a nude shine to your lips making them looking healthy, soft, and supple.
carmex cherry moisturizing lip balmIf you are looking for a flavored lip balm, which gives long-lasting relief from chapped and dry lips, then this cherry moisturizing lip balm from Carmex will be perfect for you. It is a non-sticky balm with a subtle fragrance that makes your lips very healthy and shiny.
Price:   $5.75

3. Carmex Lime Twist Lip Balm:

carmex lime twist lip balmThis lip balm has a unique tangy lime flavor that is fresh and lively. It is an ultra-moisturizing balm that prevents your lips from getting dry. It contains SPF 15 that acts as a shield and protects your lips from harsh climatic conditions.
Price:   $6.99 (Pack of 6)
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4. Carmex Ultra Smooth Pomegranate Lip Balm:

carmex ultra smooth pomegranate lip balmThis is yet another popular Carmex lip balm. It is made with a premium smooth glide formula, which has 9 moisturizers to keep your lips moisturized for a long time. It has a unique sweet-tart flavor that is quite addictive.
Price:   $7.61 (Pack of 6)

5. Carmex Everyday Healing Lip Balm:

carmex everyday healing lip balmNext on my list is this wonderful Carmex healing lip balm. This lip balm not only prevents and heals chapped and dry lips but also relieves cold sores. It is formulated using menthol, camphor and petrolatum, which heal various lip problems and cold sores. It is also known as Carmex Original Jar.
Price:   $1.99

6. Carmex Peach Sheer Tint Moisture Plus Lip Balm:

carmex peach sheer tint moisture plus lip balm
If you love using tinted lip balms, than this one might be a good option for you. The Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm Peach Sheer Tint is an ultra hydrating lip balm that contains vitamin E and SPF 15. This protects your lips and prevents them from getting chapped. It also keeps your lips hydrated for a long run.
Price:   $9.95 (Pack of 3)

7. Carmex Sheer Pink Tint Moisture Plus Lip Balm:

carmex sheer pink tint moisture plus lip balmThe makeup closet is incomplete without a pink lip balm. And this sheer pink tinted lip balm is the perfect choice. It provides aloe moisturization and protection to your lips, thanks to SPF 15! Now you can keep your lips protected from harsh rays of the sun.
Price:   $9.29
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8. Carmex Strawberry Everyday Protecting Lip Balm:

carmex strawberry everyday protecting lip balmStrawberry is the most common flavor in lip balms and girls love it! Next on my list is this protective Carmex strawberry lip balm that provides moisturizing protection from water and sun. It is water resistant and contains SPF 15 that protects your lips from harmful sun rays.
Price:   $2.98

9. Carmex Vanilla Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm:

carmex vanilla ultra moisturizing lip balmThis lip balm has a very mild vanilla flavor that is enough to make you feel fresh and lively. It contains SPF 15, which protects your lips from getting dry and chapped when you step out in sun.
Price: $13.31 (Pack of 6)

10. Carmex Original Soothing Lip Balm:

carmex original soothing lip balmLast but not the least on my list of top 10 Carmex lip balms is Carmex Original Soothing Lip Balm. It provides a silky and smooth treatment to your dry and chapped lips. It renews and repairs your lips while making them look healthy, soft, and shiny.
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Best Tinted Lip Balms Available In India – Our Top 10 Picks

Lip balm is more of a necessity today than just a makeup product, and why not? Lip balm cares for your lips, makes them look healthy and prevents them from getting chapped. Though the market is full of different kinds of lip balms, tinted lip balms are our all time favorite.

Top 10 Tinted Lip Balms in India:

1. Maybelline Baby Lips:

maybelline baby lipsMaybelline Baby Lips is one of the most loved and popular tinted lip balms available in India. It can give up to 6 hours of hydration to your lips, making them look beautiful and shiny. It is made using exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20, which protects and moisturizes your lips. Now, say good bye to those chapped and cracked lips withMaybelline Baby Lips.
 Price: Rs. 125.00

2. Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm:

nivea fruity shine lip balmNext on our list is a wonderful lip balm from the trusted house of Nivea. This lovely fruity lip balm is quite addictive. With its fruity smell and shimmering effect on the lips, this balm is sure to become your favorite too! It keeps your lips moisturized for a long time, making them look smooth, supple, and beautiful.
Price: Rs. 129.00

3. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner:

mac tinted lip conditionerMAC products are always fabulous, and so is this lip balm! It contains SPF 15 which moisturizes and conditions the lips from inside. It also contains shea butter, wheat germ oil, almond oil, vitamin A, vitamin Eand avocado extracts, which make your lips more healthy and shiny.
Price: Rs. 669.85
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4. The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm:

the body shop born lippy lip balmThis lip balm is yet another effective product from the brand Body Shop. It gives a pop of color with fruity shine. It prevents your lips from getting chapped and keeps them moisturized for a long time.
Price: Rs. 395

5. Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips:

vaseline lip therapy rosy lipsVaseline Lip Therapy contains SPF 15, which protects dry and chapped lips. It also contains Pro-vitamin E, rose oil and almond oil, which enhances the natural glow of the lips, making them healthier and shinier.
Price: Rs.194.86
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6. NYX Color Lip Balms:

nyx color lip balmsIf you want a tinted shade on your lip along with hydration, NYX color lip balm will be the perfect option for you. This is another best tinted lip balm that not only provides shine and sheen to your lips, but also keeps them hydrated and moisturized for a long time.
Price: Rs. 228.36

7. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm:

maybelline lip smooth color bloom lip balm
If you are looking for a tinted lip balm, which is long lasting; then look no further than the Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom lip balm! Maybelline tinted lip balm is available in two shades- peach and pink which provides a very girly and trendy shade to your lips.
Price: Rs.125.00
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8. Himalaya Herbals Shine Lip Balm:

himalaya herbals shine lip balmThis lip balm gives you soft, supple, and shiny lips. It is free from preservatives and contains vegetable oils and apricot kernel oil, which makes your lips healthier and conditioned. It also prevents your lips from getting chapped and dry.
Price: Rs. 25

9. LipIce Sheer Color:

lipIce sheer colorLipIce is a lovely lip balm, which gives a subtle pink tint. At first, it gives a transparent shade but then it turns to tinted pink within a minute. You can darken the shade by layering it, and don’t worry, you won’t feel waxy!
Price: Rs. 181.00

10. Avon Naturals Lip Balm:

avon naturals lip balmIt is said that 80% of girls grow up using Avon lip balms. The reason? They are effective and trustworthy. The Avon Natural Lip Balm protects and moisturizes your lips for a long time. So, if you don’t find any of the above mentioned products, go for this tried and tested lip balm. It will surely help you.
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Beautiful Cheetah Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Nail art is not a passing fad. It is a style statement. Grooming your nails is as important as styling your hair! But most of us tend to simply ignore our nails, or at best simply apply some nail print. But why not try something different? Why not try some nail art?
Get in touch with your wild side with some cheetah nail art designs! Animal prints are in fashion this season. So it makes sense to combine the two. Cheetah nail art design is a very easy and popularnail art option. So, now you can sport cheetah spots on your nails and really make a growl!
Multicolored cheetah nails can also be created, which you can team with different colored outfits. Here is a simple cheetah nail design, which you can easily try out at home.

Cheetah Nail Art

Things Requi

  • A base coat (optional)
  • A skin colored nail polish
  • A white polish
  • A metallic brown and golden nail polish
  • A small piece of sponge
  • Acrylic paints in black, greenish yellow or muddy yellow, brown and white
  • A nail art brush
  • A transparent polish

Method of Applying Nail Art Cheetah Print:

Step 1:

single layer of base coat
Paint your nails with 2 nice coats or a single layer of base coat. This is important, especially if your nails are prone to chipping or breaking. This also prevents nail stains from acrylic colors. Wait till the base coat is completely dry. Now use 2 layers of a skin colored nail polish. This will make the base more opaque.

Step 2: 

white polish
Now use the white polish. Apply at least 2 coats of white polish or till your nails become completely opaque.

Step 3: 

muddy yellow color

Now take the muddy yellow color and draw a shape like above. It should be a bit diagonal.
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Step 4:

nail art brush and black acrylic
Now follow up the shape with a nail art brush and black acrylic paint to give it the shape of cheetah’s eyes.

Step 5:

Cheetah Nail Art
Do the same for the next finger. It should look something like above.

Step 6:

bright orange colored nail polish
Now cover up the other nails with the same muddy yellow color. You can also use a bright orange colored nail polish or acrylic paint.
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Step 7:

brown colored acrylic
Now take your nail art brush and take brown colored acrylic paint. Use a dotting tool or just your nail art brush to make some uneven small and big cheetah prints. Also, use a big, diagonally stretched dot of brown for each of the cheetah eyes. Use another dot of black with black acrylic color at the centre of the brown mark. Use a very small bit of white on to one side of the black eyeball. This will make the eyes look more alive. This tiny white mark will represent the reflection of light in the eyes. When all these detailing are completed, it should look something like above.

Step 8:

metallic brown colored polish
Now take the golden and metallic brown colored polish on to a palette. Use a small piece of sponge to sponge up the two colors on to the white areas of the two nails where you have drawn the eyes. It should look something like below. Let the whole design dry completely. When dried, seal up this awesome design with a nice layer of top coat.
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Hope you enjoyed this cheetah nail art design. You can use just the cheetah prints as done on the 3 fingers above to create a normal nail art cheetah print. If you have time in hand, you can try out the cheetah eyes like I have tried to do. Animal nail art designs never go out of fashion.
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Create Your Own Maybelline Makeup Kit With These 10 Amazing Products

Not able to find your blusher? You are not alone. For those who apply make up regularly, keeping all cosmetics in one place can be a hassle. It is very important to keep the makeup organized and at one place so that it is easily accessible when needed. It is for this purpose that a makeup kit comes in handy. A makeup kit is one which stores all your make up in one place so that it is handy and does not get lost.
Maybelline is one of the world’s leading brands in cosmetic products. It is a French cosmetic brand that is owned by L’Oreal. Their tagline reads: “Maybe she’s born with it, May be its Maybelline.” They recently launched a makeup kit that contains all your makeup requirements in one place. It contains various makeup products that you will need for a complete look. The kit is called the Maybelline Eyestudio Makeup Kit.

Top 10 Makeup Essentials of Maybelline Makeup Kit:

The following list includes the top ten makeup essentials that comes in this new makeup kit, as well as the prices of each product that you would find in this Maybelline complete makeup kit.

1. Beauty Benefit Cream – Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream:

Beauty Benefit Cream
Rating: 4.5/5
The amazing makeup product has multiple functions. It helps to moisturize and hydrate the skin, thus also has anti-aging benefits. It acts as serum and foundation to help form the base before make up. The product also acts as corrector for uneven skin.

2. Eye shadow -  Maybelline Eye Studio- Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow:

Eye shadow
Rating: 4.5/5
The eye shadow has been ophthalmologically tested and rendered safe for contact lens wearers.

3. Mascara – Maybelline Volum Espresso “The Falsies-Big Eyes” – Very Black:

Maybelline Volum EspressoRating: 4 /5
The mascara adds volume to the lashes. It makes the eyes look more dramatic.
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4. Eye Liner -  Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner:

Maybelline Line Stiletto UltimateRating: 4 /5
The liquid eye liner is suitable for long wear and lasts for 8 hours. It has been ophthalmologically tested and is suitable for contact lens wearers. It helps to define the eyes.

5. Compact: Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in Natural Beige:

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed PowderRating: 4 /5
The compact is very natural and leaves the skin looking fresh and smooth. It has a non-oil base that makes the skin look flawless. It is available in 18 shades.

6. Lip Gloss – Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color in Always Blazing:

Maybelline Super StayRating: 4 /5
The lip color lasts for twenty four hours and is suited for long wear. The micro flex formula helps to glide on the lips easily and gives it its shine. The lip color does not crumble, cake, fade, feather or transfer. It has thirty long lasting shades. It helps to keep the lips supple and soft.

7. Makeup Remover – Maybelline The Flash Clean makeup Removing Solution:

Maybelline The Flash Clean makeupRating: 4 /5
This solution is a three in one base that removes stubborn makeup instantly. It helps to moisturize and deep cleanse the skin. The quick break lotion turns into an ultra-light liquid that acts even on waterproof make up. The formula is rich in Moringa seed extract that helps to clear skin of impurities. The lotion moisturizes and cleanses the skin.
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8. Blush – Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Pale Rose:

Maybelline Fit Me BlushRating: 4 /5
Here is another wonderful product in this Maybelline makeup kit. This blush is a lightweight color that blends in with the skin with ease and evens the skin out. The color is natural and does not fade easily, and helps give the skin its natural glow. It is oil free and has been dermatologically tested. It is also non-comedogenic.

9. Wet Wipes – Maybelline Clean Express Facial Towelettes:

Maybelline Clean Express Facial
Rating: 4 /5
This towelette is very effective against stubborn make up and cleans up in one swipe. It requires no scrubbing. Its oil free base leaves no greasy residue. The formula is strengthened with Moringa seed extract. This helps to cleanse the skin of impurities. It helps to moisturize and smoothen out the skin. The product has been dermatologically tested and does not cause allergy. Hence it is suitable for sensitive skin.

10. Corrector – Maybelline Eraser Dark Spot:

Maybelline Eraser Dark SpotRating: 4.5 /5
This concealer is rich in Vitamin C and covers blemishes instantly. It helps conceal dark spots effectively for a long period of time. The Vitamin C content helps to reduce the dark spots in four weeks or less. It also helps to cover signs of aging, erases acne scars, sunburn, sunspots as well as dark spots.
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