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Elegant Blue Eyes Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial With Images

elegant blue eyes makeup tutorial
Wearing bright eye shadows like pink, corals and reds may not suit us all the time. Choosing the right eye makeup and wearing something soft will definitely offer you a captivating look. Here we bring you an elegant blue eye makeup that enhances the depth of your eyes. Give your eyes the most exceptional and a sexy look. This blue eyes makeup can be perfectly chosen for weddings and evening parties.Step 1: Conceal And Apply Eyeshadow
elegant blue eyes makeup tutorial
Apply an eye cream to hydrate your eye area. This will help in keeping control of drier patches which can arise after concealer application. Then, take a full coverage concealer and conceal dark circles to create a flawless base. Set the concealer with a compact powder to prevent creasing of the product.
For the eye makeup, take a matte medium brown eyeshadow to act as a transition color for your crease area and start defining your crease area. The crease area of the eyes can be easily located by keeping the eyes open and notice the place where your eye folds and sits into the socket. This step will add dimension and bring out your crease area to give an illusion of deeper set eyes. Here, I have used the Elf Day on the Beach eyeshadow palette for the matte medium brown eyeshadow.

Step 2: Apply Black Kajal

elegant blue eyes makeup tutorial
Take a creamy black eye kajal and apply it in the inner and the outer most corners of your eyes. Connect the two corners with a line using the same kajal as shown in the image. This step needn’t be neat as we will be smudging the kajal later. It is best to choose a nice creamy formula as it will help in easy blending of the product. Here, I have used the Lotus Herbals kajal of black shade.

Step 3: Create Diffused Eye Look By Blending The Kajal

elegant blue eyes makeup tutorial
Blending is the key to any makeup style. Use a slightly bigger blending brush and buff out all the sharp edges created by kajal application. Create short circular strokes and gently blend the edges for a diffused natural look of the eyes. Here, I have used Oriflame blending brush. Remember to leave the centre of the eye lid area bare.

Step 4: Apply Eyeshadow All Over The Eyelid Area

elegant blue eyes makeup tutorial
Wet a flat eyeshadow brush and pick a dark blue eyeshadow in metallic finish. Pat it gently in a patting motion all over your eye lid area. Here, I have used the Coastal Scents eyeshadow in rainstorm. Now take a matte medium brown eyeshadow and start defining your crease area again. Remember to soften the edges of the dark blue eyeshadow with the matte brown eyeshadow and create a seamless even finish.

Step 5 Brighten And Create An Illusion Of Bigger Eyes

elegant blue eyes makeup tutorial
Apply a matte black eyeshadow to the outermost corner of the eyes. This will add more dimension to the eye makeup and it will look sultry. Softly push it in the outer v and outer corner of the eye. Use a fluffy brush to blend the edges with the brown and dark blue eyeshadows. Now, apply a shimmery champagne or a silver eyeshadow to the tear duct area of your eyes to brighten your eyes and create an illusion of bigger eyes. Here, I have used the Revlon Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Sand. Then, apply the same dark blue metallic eyeshadow to the lower lash line to balance the eye makeup.

Step 6: Complete The Blue Eyes Look

elegant blue eyes makeup tutorial
If blending has removed the intensity of the metallic dark blue eyeshadow applied earlier, you can go ahead and reapply it again. Then, apply a shimmery pale highlighter eyeshadow to the brow bone area of your eyes. Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to define your eye lashes for a thicker lash effect. Here, I have used the Loreal Million Lashes Mascara. Finally, apply a black kajal pencil to your waterline and also tightline your eyes to complete the eye makeup.
And you are done!
Isn’t it easy to get this dramatic and elegant blue eyes makeup look? Want to sport it for the upcoming party? Do try it and let us know your feedback in comment section.
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About latest of AlKaram Studio Ceremoney

Shahzad Raza Singer Hadiqa Kiyani styles function, Eft Rahim model, The punk and the other co- directed. With that said guests at the event national brands such development. It is a matter of great prosperity. Whilst it also stores are open but the same is also very easy to get away under the open costumes .
Annie said that the store is great. Everything is beautiful. Everything for Winter is perfact. In fact I liked it a lot. Asifa Nabeel Fashion Director said the condition of our country. All viruses, corrupted issues you are seeing graffiti and palaces. Uaqy How are you similar to you see how good it is for Pakistan. Stables in fashion and know the fashion trends are. I think the fashion industry is a good move. Sara Gundapur said that as we all know Lahore is Lahore . And I want to say congratulations to the alkaram . Because of alkrm is presented so well . And so much good work . I am much more. Cumin organized events to mark the company's fashion show was organized. Models in which new designer winter wears what prfum the rim . I love to be there as guests . Singer Hadiqa Kiyani said that lahore is the heart of the fashion industry and develop fashion that alkrm evidence that the store is open. Lahore is Pakistan's main hub of the game. P. P. Barr designers here work here, working here, SP and there are many good artist and singer. Means that the soil are more introducied. Fareeha Altaf told the event organizer and leading fashion stars of Lahore is Lahore. Here in good fashion and its development. Read More

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Home Manicure With The Perfect Way

Today we will cover Filing, Buffing, Cuticle Removal, Base & Top Coats, Polish Opplication, Cuticle Maintenance, Fixing Mistakes.
Hi everyone today i am going to show you how to do at home manicure. I to get really professional looking manicure. I'm looks very neat. I'm looks very beautiful. You will see how I did it. You will need a couple to was you during the explains. I show you how i do my nails. How i apply the polish of these nails. Like this without getting you know mistacks. Everyware then just keep visiting.
Before style i just remove all the nails polish thats on my nails and i'm going to first fire the intershape. Now i'm going for over shape butt how ever you can also smile then you can follow streates a cross for very secure shape. Your can also you know make a secure but then have to the and steatlly arounded. I just file that the make sure that all the edges are sneels and using a file like this. Ok, this is a class nails final and i just better then like very beautiful. So i like to just make sure the engrassive around that can show you this win. Now some people like to file from one site to the other like this and go this way. But i file both ways because i final the glass nails very gental. Read More

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Older Women Fashion Makeup Tips

Makeup tips for older woman. My number one tips is lice more. It is really important that you don't over do powder or over do foundation and first women. And is first women you know not having eyebrow because i over pluged for so many years an i having born back. Its really easy to do with a brow pencil. I like people to come to more powder but i pencible action is giving more texture look like here. It is all about using the right stocks fees only use feathers stocks like one shape darker and then your action brown colors. So that you look like you have a fouller brow is very useful. The blush is very important you can wa'na i make sure. Read More

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5 Steps Tutorial To Get Glowing Skin Makeup

Who doesn’t love a healthy and glowing skin that shines naturally? You might have come across innumerable tips, but how many of those worked on you? Especially when a party comes up, you may not find time to rely on those time taking tips. To make your skin glow in no time, here is a makeup tutorial that will help you get that instant glow within minutes!

Makeup For Glowing Skin:

Here are the products and the makeup tutorial explained in a stepwise manner for quick understanding.

Required Products:

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makeup required products
  • Face mist – a primer spray or a finishing mist
  • Face primer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Highlighter or Illuminator
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
Face makeup brushes for application of foundation, concealer and blush.


Let’s begin it!

Step 1: Prep Your Face With A Primer

Prep Your Face With A Primer
Apply a good moisturizer according to your skin type. Even if your skin is too oily, it is best to apply a moisturizer as it will help in blending and application of the base makeup products. After application of the moisturizer, wait for good 5 to 7 minutes, and then apply face primer. Take a small amount of the product and apply it from the center of your face towards the outer areas. Let the primer sit on your face for good 2 to 3 minutes before starting with the makeup. A good primer will help in locking the moisturizer and will act as a barrier between your skin and makeup. It prevents creasing and budging of the makeup. So, your makeup will last all day!

Step 2: Hydrate Your Skin With A Finishing Spray

Hydrate Your Skin With A Finishing Spray
Now spray a face mist to all over your face. Hold the bottle at least 10 cms away from your face and gently spray 2 to 3 times. This will hydrate your skin and gives it a healthy look. You can use a makeup setting spray or a finishing mist for this step. Here, I have used the Colorbar Finishing Spray.

Step 3: Foundation And Highlighter To Add Glow

Foundation And Highlighter
Pump out a good coverage liquid foundation into your palm. Here, I have used the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Then, take equal or one third amount of face highlighter. A highlighter has to be liquid or creamy for achieving a beautiful and glowing skin. So, it is best to avoid powder highlighters for a dewy skin makeup look. Here, I have used the Kryolan Supra Interferenz Cream Multipurpose Highlighter.
flat foundation brush
Mix both the products using a flat foundation brush and apply it all over your face just like you apply a foundation. Then, blend it out into a seamless finish. If you wish to have only a light subtle glow to your skin then you can finish the makeup here. For a heavy makeup look with a glowing skin, you should follow the further steps.

Step 4: Dab On Concealer

Dab On Concealer
Apply a light concealer to the under eye area to provide a strong highlighted look to your face. Apply the concealer in a triangular form and softly blend it out with your fingers or with a flat foundation brush. Here, I have used the Kryolan Derma Camouflage Concealer.

Step 5: Highlight Again To Set Your Glow

 Set Your Glow
Finally take the highlighter again and apply it over the highest points of the cheeks to create a stronger impact of glowing skin. Here, I have again used the Kryolan Supra Interferenz Cream Multipurpose Highlighter. Follow it up with a natural pink or brown blush on your cheeks and complete the makeup look.
Get Glowing Skin Makeup
Now you are done!
Hope you will certainly give your skin an amazing glow with this instant makeup! Do share your feedback with us in the comment section.
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Summer Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps & Pictures

Summer is at its peak, so is it not the perfect time to experiment with vibrant and fresh colors? From dresses, hats to nail shades, we all love to wear bright and vibrant colors. Then why not to add that vibrancy in our makeup too? Let us try the bright summer makeup tutorial, which will make you stay gorgeous for the season. This is a subtle makeup, yet bright and suitable for the Indian skin tone.

Summer Makeup Tutorial:

Let’s begin the summer makeup tutorial:

Step 1: Apply Eye Primer And Eye Shadow

Apply Eye Primer And Eye Shadow
Start by applying an eye primer and then apply a taupe colored brown creamy eye shadow base to your eye lids. This step will ensure that your eye shadow does not melt or crease off easily in the hot summer climate. Here, I have used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze.

Step 2: Add Some More Eye Shadow

Some More Eye Shadow
Apply the same taupe brown eye shadow over the cream base to increase the intensity of the color. Here, I have used a soft shimmery taupe color eye shadow from the Elf Day on the Beach eye shadow palette. Use a flat eye shadow brush to obtain maximum color pay off.

Step 3: Create Peppy Effect To The Eyes

Create Peppy Effect To The Eyes
Apply a soft peach-like orange shade to the outer corner of your eyes and slightly above the crease area of your face. This step will bring in a vibrant contrast between the brown and peach color to create a vibrant effect to the eyes. Here, I have mixed the Revlon eye shadow in Melon and Claire eye shadow in red to get the peach-like orange color.

Step 4: Soften The Eye Look With Gel Liner & Pencil

Eye Look With Gel Liner
Then, apply a jet black gel liner to the upper lash line of your eyes. Gel liner can be applied thick or thin according to your preference. Now, use a pencil or smudge brush to soften the eye look.

Step 5: Create Cat Eye Look

Create Cat Eye Look
Create a dramatic cat eye look or winged eye look. Here, I have used the Kryolan Black Liquid Liner and draw a small cat eye liner.

Step 6: Add Color To Lower Lash Line

Lower Lash Line
Apply the same taupe brown eye shadow to the lower lash line of your eyes. Then, apply a bright turquoise colored eye pencil to the one third of the lower lash line. Here, I have used the Maybelline Colossal eye pencil in Turquoise.

Step 7: Mascara And False Eyelashes

 Mascara And False
A little mascara can make your eyes standout. Additionally, you can also add false eyelashes to complete the makeup look.

Face Makeup:

Step 8: Apply Oil-Free Base and Blush

Oil-Free Base and Blush
Apply a good light weight formula base to your face. I like to wear BB creams in summers as it is light-weight and doesn’t melt like foundation in high temperatures. Then, set it with an oil-free compact powder to prevent shine and oiliness of the skin. Apply a light peach-like pink blush to your cheeks to add a soft and fresh look to the makeup.

Step 9: Add Sun Kissed Effect Using Bronzer

Apply a bronzer to the hollow parts of your cheeks to give dimension and add a sun kissed effect to your skin. Here, I have used the Lakme Moonlight Bronzer.

Lip Makeup:

Step 10: Bold And Bright Lips

Sun Kissed Effect Using Bronzer
Finally apply a bright lipstick, preferably a bright orange color or lip color, and complete the makeup look. Here, I have used Inglot lipstick refill no. 19.
And you are done!
Hope you liked this bright summer makeup look! Will you give it a try? Do you have any such summer makeup ideas? Feel free to share your ideas with us in comment section below.
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Top 10 Easy Hairstyles Can Set in 5 Minutes

Hi to All who are enjoying daily tips. Nothing much is just short. Well, now we go right by your tips today. Tip of the Day, which I will confine our gaze to the hair styles of women. Today our team at your services 10 specific tips on how to get help with the information. 10 Easy Hair Styles in today's post are the audience. These hairstyle we can use anywhere. For example, we in the office, shop, school, home and other places evil and can be easily set. 10 Easy HairStyles which you are looking.

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Pakistan's Bridal Fashion Week 2014 Ali Zeeshan Collection

Wedding season is in full swing in Pakistan. Bridal fashion event in Lahore, he is led back. In addition to designer Ali Zeeshan tridational vibrant equipped with color by regions prompted various Indian bridal wear is produced by the combination selling.
Pakistani culture collection was inspired by Ali Zeeshan. Rajistan and other areas in Cholistan taken. I was taken to their color. Contumely bridal dress on the 24th effusion lump most of the designers. Nadia Hussayn performed a Pakistani television actress.

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New Tattoos Fashion Week Paris 2014-2015

New York Fashion Week Paris here some beautiful and amazing tattoo style. Have you ever hit the PC does not look like a heart design and fashion. Approach will fully draw. It is estimated that about 30 tattoos. Both girls and boys are very interested in developing the design. This Fashion Week, tattoo design is something like this. This design configuration specific parts of the body. For example, on the neck. Spine, shoulder, arm, side and front to back and back legs, to include Fashion Week.

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