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Latest Best Tips & Tricks For Brides Makeup 2014

Laura Toni & Guy Dallas Art Team

Today we're going to look. Essential Tips & Tricks whose use is essential for the bridal makeup.

Tip #1 Focus on one of the bride's best features

The Eyes
But before we go eye makeup requires a lot of focus on the law. Eyes than the whole body is sensitive place. Consequently, they must carefully so why do we focus on the eyes. We help first eyebrow mascara and eyebrow pencil to make good. The shades used on the eye.

First, the dark eye makeup eyebrows before the lambs will be set with color . Then shall the eyes wide range of Upper Light Brown color. Silver color under the eyebrows is to light a touch. Touch to highlight the third eye of dark goats have to take. The fourth is to touch a light golden color, light golden in color eye is set up. The eye will take a significant pick sheds light lambs. Then I put the liner in the color of dark goats is used. Then the eyelashes. Take the paste is put gum on the eyelids. Have to put the brush to the eye is the Dark Brown color. And muscara are planting. Now put the face foundation. The light skin with make-up brush to put the base. Punk is to touch base and face down. Then they have to bullish. The color mix is a light pink lipstick wear makeup now been completed.

 Tip #2 Use an eyeshadow base or primer for all day coverage


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