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Anti Wrinkle And Skin Smoothening Mask For Natural Skin

Beauty tips for natural skin 2014 
We are going to bring more beauty tips for you but not in such expensive creams which take away all your money and
precious timeAll you have to do is just follow the tips and will see the magic of nature.And if you have any questions related to your skin or any tip you want to know you can just message us here.We’ll reply as soon as possible.
1. In face mask
Having a natural moisturizing property and being rich in Vitamin E and C, aloe vera gel helps restore firmness and hydration to aging skin, making it 

an effective component of any anti ageing, anti wrinkle and skin smoothening mask. Aloe vera gel can also be applied as a mask itself, without adding anything.
2. In scrub
Having natural cleansing and toning properties, Aloe Vera juice could always accompany your scrubs to remove almost all kind of dust and toxin from the skin. For making an exfoliating scrub, take some almonds half cup oatmeal, make their coarse powder and add aloe vera gel. You can also add aloe vera in other home made scrubs as well.
3. Beneath the makeup
Well this one is really tricky. For all those having dry skin or those who use compact regularly in make up, aloe vera can be used as moisturizer; all they have to do is to apply aloe vera gel evenly over face and neck before putting make up. It would not only protect skin from direct application of cosmetic products but would also keep it moisturized all day long. Read More