Posted on 04:20

Home Manicure With The Perfect Way

Today we will cover Filing, Buffing, Cuticle Removal, Base & Top Coats, Polish Opplication, Cuticle Maintenance, Fixing Mistakes.
Hi everyone today i am going to show you how to do at home manicure. I to get really professional looking manicure. I'm looks very neat. I'm looks very beautiful. You will see how I did it. You will need a couple to was you during the explains. I show you how i do my nails. How i apply the polish of these nails. Like this without getting you know mistacks. Everyware then just keep visiting.
Before style i just remove all the nails polish thats on my nails and i'm going to first fire the intershape. Now i'm going for over shape butt how ever you can also smile then you can follow streates a cross for very secure shape. Your can also you know make a secure but then have to the and steatlly arounded. I just file that the make sure that all the edges are sneels and using a file like this. Ok, this is a class nails final and i just better then like very beautiful. So i like to just make sure the engrassive around that can show you this win. Now some people like to file from one site to the other like this and go this way. But i file both ways because i final the glass nails very gental. Read More