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Best Lip Plumper Products – Our Top 10 Picks

Which girl would not want attractive lips? I am sure we all crave for it. However, most of us tend to think that all celebrities with enticing and kissable lips go under the knife, right? Well, wrong! Plump lips can be achieved without surgeries as well. You simply need to use a lip plumper – a cosmetic product that is used the world over to add an instant plump to your lips. It adds volume and shape to your lips. However, it is important to use a good product; otherwise you might end up with red, flaky and burning lips. So here are the top 10 lip plumper products from around the world. Read on to know more and judge which products are worthy of your pucker.

Best Lip Plumper Products

1. Laura Mercier Lip Plumper:

Laura Mercier Lip Plumper

Becca Lip Plumper
The lip plumper from the French makeup artist, Laura Mercier hydrates, plumps and moisturizes your lips instantly and is available in seven attractive shades for you to choose from.2. Becca Lip Plumper:This product is excellent not just when it comes to plumping up your lips instantly but also for nourishing your lips. The oils present in the product help get smoother and healthier lips.[ Read: Oriflame Lip Glosses Available In India ]3. L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6H Volumiser Lip Gloss:
L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6H Volumiser Lip Gloss
This product is an extension of the very popular lip gloss range from L’Oreal. It can be used as a lip gloss and gives a lip plumping effect as well.

4. Nivea Lip Natural Volume:

Nivea Lip Natural Volume
This product from the house of Nivea comes with a collagen enhancer. It also acts as a light-reflector to help get plumper lips and added shine.

5. PerriconeNVLip Plumper:

PerriconeNVLip Plumper
This is also one of the best lip plumping products having ingredients that help reduce the appearance of fine lines on your lips. It also offers antioxidant protection to your lips. It helps plump up your lips instantly and improves its contours.

6. Smashbox O-Plump:

Smashbox O-Plump
This lip plumper is unique because when you first apply it, it looks clear. It then reacts with your body chemistry and provides a unique pink shade. It is great when it comes to plumping up your lips to perfection.
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7. SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System:

SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System
The users of this product say it is brilliant because its benefits are long-lasting. It smoothens out all fine lines on the lips and gives an even texture to your lips. It can be used for moisturizing your lips all through the day.

8. Prestige WonderFull Lip Plumping Gloss:

Prestige WonderFull Lip Plumping Gloss
People who have used this product put it under their ‘must-haves’ category. It helps make your lips fuller and the color complements any shade of lips. It gives a little tingling feeling when you first use it but settles in thereafter, and plumps your lips instantly
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9. Dior Addict Lip Maxim:

Dior Addict Lip Maxim
If you are looking for a lip plumper that doesn’t irritate your skin, this is it. It is specially liked by users across the world because it can be worn all day long, without having to worry about touch ups.

10. Yves Saint Laurent Shiny Gloss Lip Plumper:

Yves Saint Laurent Shiny Gloss Lip Plumper
You can use this product from Yves Saint Laurent for glossy, shiny lips and it plumps up your lips too. It has nourishing properties because of vegetable oils, SPF (sun protection) and anti-free radicals present in the product. The brush applicator aids precise application.
So, these were some of the best lip plumper products available in the market. It is said that lip plumpers create blood rush to your lips and hence, help you achieve fuller lips. Lip plumpers are any day a safer option than going under the knife. It is safer and renders a more natural look. These products for sure are a great way of adding to your sex appeal. Make sure you refer to this article before buying yourself a new lip plumper. Until then, take care and share your comments. Thank you!
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