Posted on 22:01

Using Primers for Flawless Looking Skin

laura mercier oil free primer 

Regular visits to the dermatologist for skin care is not realistic for everybody with tight schedules and even tighter budgets, which is why we resort to makeup to hide imperfections instead.
When trying to hide imperfections, women usually use foundation and concealers. And while the combination of the results in a pretty good looking skin, the use of primers before applying foundation will give you even more flawless looking skin.
The great thing about primers is that it does more than provide better coverage for your skin, thus hiding imperfections such as blotching and acne scars even better. What primers do is actually act as a base that ensures longer lasting foundation and makeup. This means less retouches throughout the day. On top of this, the best makeup primers will protect your skin, keeping it smooth and moisturized even with regular use of makeup. Of course, even if you use an excellent primer, we still recommend that you use makeup removers at the end of the day to keep your face clean. Read More