Posted on 22:16

Help your Skin through Pilates

Having a beautiful skin includes exercise and one of the most effective exercises is Pilates. Regarded as one of the most popular systems today is Pilates. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates. It primarily involves balance development through core strength and torso stability of the body. It also includes six principles which make the method unique from the other exercises.
The foundation of Pilates is core strength. Core muscles are the deep and internal muscles of the torso and back. The core muscles are trained to be strong in Pilates in order for them to work together with the superficial muscles of the abdomen in order to support the spine and movement. This allows the development of stability through the torso, which may help overcome back pain since stability of the trunk allows the pressure on the back to be relieved. Thus, the body is able to move freely and effectively. The six principles include: centering, control, flow, breath, precision, and concentration. Pilates exercises are done by drawing strength usually from the center of the body. Also, concentration allows full commitment to the exercise, allowing attainment of the maximum value of the exercise. Whether you choose Pilates in a Thai language or in other languages, make sure that you understand the basics to help you prevent from injuries. Read More