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Easy 3 Nail Art Designs With Followers Style New Spring-Summer 2014

In this article i'm going to be showing you how to do this 3 easy in kidney art designs with flowers. Ok our first design is going to be a purple flowered. So you could need Eli in dark shade of purple the white in Polish a green. He'd only 20 and tasty he can be me to stay current can be too big as a base for my flowers. I apply it one could up this new power lines.

So he can be really like. She didn't go into drama flowers you see the cutting tool in the purple nail polish. I'm going to use both shades the dark in the light. So it's very simple i'm just going to drop off and dont's for me super and ini denying me implied dont in the San a bleached flour burned.

Duke didn't using right new Polish indicting to move to do this clear sanctum. In the move going to use the green powerless to make the East. Ok and that's it for disallowance on the other day use i simply apply two coats have the light shade of purple.

In denied dropped three dots won big in the middle into the smiles on the site after that you can i did run apply topcoat. In its ready dubbed our second to sign is going to be the pink roses flower. You're gonna need a light in dark shade of pink.

A white nail polish a white stripe print green of Polish Dirt into in the state. So here and have already applied eighty base coat and i'm going to apply two coats are the light shade of being. Let it dry in then you're going to drive disk drives and onece the stripes i dried.

We're going to do other roses starting with the dart into in the dark shade of pink up dome dinner going to dry out the detail of the Roses using the light Shade of pink in the white male politicians do our on has to do with the stinking in green in Polish going to believed and it's it just let it dry apply topcoat in its build by our third in less design is the blue roses.

So you need a line to indirect shade of blue in white nail polish set in a dotting tool and hours and hours. So a white stripe red summer to start to hear. I have already applied two coats are the white nail polish in a related Ronnie in the number creating a rose effective with the light shade of blue lnes de klerk duh in on the other knee use.

I applied two coats are the light shade of blue in them going to draw the line issues in the white straight brewer them and then went to make it onto with the dark blue. Where the lines ground for enough to know that you're just gonna let it dry apartheid cool too in its ready. I really hope you guys like Disney art designs pleast don't forget to leave me a comment saying which one is your favorite.

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